Hix.AI Undetectable AI Review

Does HIX pass the AI detectors? We run it through Copyleaks, GPTZero, and Originality.

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July 8, 2024
Hix.AI Undetectable AI Review

We Put HIX.AI to the Test by Running it Through Three AI Detectors.

Over the last 18 months, numerous AI writing tools have emerged globally. One tool that has gained popularity is HIX.AI content writer

The HIX platform offers over 100 writing tools designed to help you with specific writing projects. Although the tool produces usable content fast, is it quality content you can use in real-world projects? More importantly, will the content pass the AI detection tool test?

Below, we cover everything you need to know about HIX.AI, run it through AI detection tools, and compare it to the Duey.AI writing platform

What Is HIX.AI?

HIX A.I is an all-encompassing AI writing tool that helps you with a wide range of writing projects. You have a seemingly endless array of over 120 AI writing tools to generate high-quality copy for website content, blogs, ads, emails, tables, bulleted lists, and more. You can generate most content within seconds.

AI Writing Tool Options Offered by HIX.AI 

If you’re not a writer and don’t want to hire one, HIX.AI turns into your automatic writing assistant. Like most AI writing tools, HIX.AI can reduce your workload by performing quick tasks that would otherwise take you hours to complete. 

You can rewrite plagiarized content, edit text, produce copy quickly, and decide what type of writing project you want to take on. HIX.AI’s features are specially designed to help you with whatever you have in mind. Best of all, the writer does a pretty good job of creating content you can use in real-world situations.

HIX.AI Features

With over 120 AI writing tools, HIX.AI can help you with nearly any writing project you need to get done. All tools are divided into five main AI writing tool sets or categories. Let’s take a closer look.

HIX.AI Writer

This is the HIX core AI writing assistant that includes over 120 AI writing tools for creating high-quality content in more than 50 languages. It covers a wide range of content types, including blog posts, social media content, ads, and more.

HIX.AI Writing Editor

HIX Bypass

An AI text humanizer that helps make AI-generated content undetectable while maintaining the original meaning. It's designed to bypass AI detection tools and produce keyword-rich, SEO-optimized content.

HIX.AI Text Humanizer Editor


HIX ArticleGPT generates fact-based, SEO-friendly articles across news, product reviews, and how-to guides. It uses credible sources like Amazon, Wikipedia, and major media outlets to create content. While advertised as hallucination-free, you still need to verify output for accuracy.

HIX.AI Article Writing Features


With BrowserGPT, you can integrate browsers with the extension pack tool. It has an AI assistant that helps you with the process. Use it on Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. The tool is especially helpful for generating slogans, summaries, social media captions, blog ideas, or paragraphs. The tool is simple to use and generates results quickly.

HIX.AI Browser Extension Tools


There are numerous writing features on DesktopGPT you can use as an application on your MacOS or Windows computer. If you prefer working out of the app instead of the online platform, this is a great tool that gives you instant access. Use it for writing, social media posts, proofreading, emails, texts, or generating codes.


Additional Tools:

Digging a little deeper, HIX.AI also provides a comprehensive suite of writing assistance tools to enhance content creation and productivity. These include:

  • Sentence expander: Helps elaborate on ideas by expanding short sentences into more detailed ones
  • Paragraph generator: Develops brief paragraphs into fuller, more comprehensive content
  • Proofreader: Identifies and corrects punctuation errors to improve writing clarity
  • Prompt generator: Creates writing prompts to spark creativity and overcome writer's block
  • Slogan generator: Produces catchy slogans and taglines for marketing purposes
  • AI response generator: Crafts appropriate responses for various communication scenarios
  • Hashtag generator: Suggests relevant hashtags to increase content visibility on social media platforms

These tools cater to different writing levels, from basic grammar and punctuation to creative ideation and marketing-focused content generation. The platform can support writing ideation across various tasks and industries, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of content creation.

HIX.AI Plans & Pricing

It’s easy to get confused about what you’re actually paying for when subscribing to HIX.AI. The main reason for this is that you have to pay separately for each tool or tool set. It can be frustrating, and even costly, if you need multiple tools for a writing project. 

Let’s break down the plans and pricing to give you a better idea:

Hix Writer

HIX.AI Writer Pricing Breakdown

Hix Bypass

HIX.AI Bypass Pricing Breakdown


HIX.AI Essay Writer Pricing Breakdown


HIX.AI Article Writer Pricing Breakdown


HIX.AI Browser Extension Pricing Breakdown


HIX.AI Desktop Tools Pricing Breakdown

Before subscribing to a plan, make sure it has all the tools or features you need for your writing project. For example, Article GPT offers templates for easy formatting and reference sources but no editing tools. So, you’ll have to buy the editor. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using HIX.AI?

Regardless of all the tools and features HIX.AI has to offer there are a few downsides and limitations of the platforms. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of HIX.AI:

Our Comparison: HIX.AI vs. Duey.AI

Even with all HIX.AI has to offer, is it the best tool for college students working on academic projects?  Below, we compare HIX.AI vs. Duey.AI to help you decide which tool is right for you. We'll be looking at the general writing/editing tools, how each tool works, and how efficient it is as we pass the content through detection tools.

How Does Duey.AI Work?

One of the biggest differences between Duey.AI and HIX.AI is how you set up the prompts (instructions) for the writing project. Duey.AI gives you a blank platform where you fill in any information you want to get the project going. In this example, we’re adding prompts for a Biology 101 assignment.

The blank canvas looks like this:

Duey.Ai Editor

Here, you simply fill in the information you want for the writing assignment:

Prompt Used To Generate Content Through Duey.Ai

Next, you Duey.AI gives you pre-structured options for your thesis or you can customize your own. 

Output Options as Generated by Duey.Ai From Given Input

For this review, we’ll pick one of the pre-formatted options:

Duey.AI takes you to the next screen where you generate the text. Find the ‘Generate’ tool in the upper left-hand corner and choose the section of the assignment you want to write. Duey.AI does the rest. Afterward, you can fine-tune the content how you want it.

Initial Text Scaling at 100% AI Detection by Duey.Ai Before Applying Humanizer

How Efficient Is the Duey.AI Writer?

Duey.AI is both easy to use and highly efficient. We generated a complete article in fewer than five steps. The open AI writing platform makes it easy to add whatever prompts you want on the front end before moving forward. So, you don’t have to go through several steps or templates to get customized content.

If you want the rigidity of a more formatted process, Duey.AI may not be your choice. However, if you want the freedom of doing whatever you want to the article before generating content, it’s the perfect tool. You choose how you’re going to set up the content as quickly as you can type in the prompts. It’s that fast!

How Does HIX.AI Work?

HIX.AI offers a more structured approach on the front end, which can be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. It asks you for more specific information or prompts to set up the writing assignment. 

Already, you notice that there are several items to fill out below in step one. We provided the topic information, keywords, tone of voice, POV, and language. The advanced features allowed us to add the target audience, word count, and other prompts.

HIX.AI Editor (Step 1)

In step two, HIX.AI takes you to a screen where you add one to five articles for reference. We clicked on the first five references and clicked ‘Generate Titles’.

HIX.AI Editor (Step 2)

You create the title for your article in step three. HIX.AI gives six options or you can enter your own title. We chose the first option:

HIX.AI Editor (Step 3)

In step four, HIX.AI offers two article outline options. You can choose between these two outlines or ask the writer to generate another outline. We chose the first outline then clicked ‘Generate Article’.

HIX.AI Editor (Step 4)

HIX.AI generates the fully-formatted content in step five:

Once HIX.AI generates the content, you can use any of the platform’s 120 tools to fine-tune it. Keep in mind, you’ll have to pay extra for some of these tools.

How Efficient Is the HIX.AI Writer?

The HIX.AI writer offers a lot of options and tools for writing your content. However, it comes at a price. If efficiency is a priority, you’re not going to get it on this platform. Although there are only five umbrella steps, each step has sub-steps. 

As a result, it can take too long to get what you want. It can be especially frustrating if you only need a few sentences or a paragraph. You may have to turn to other HIX.AI tools for that, which means more money.

HIX.AI vs. Duey.AI: A Side-by-Side Comparison

HIX.AI and Duey.AI are both AI-powered writing assistants, but they cater to different needs and user groups. While HIX.AI offers a comprehensive suite of over 120 writing tools for various content types, Duey.AI focuses specifically on academic writing and claims to produce undetectable AI content for students.

There are several reasons Duey.AI is a better choice than HIX.AI:

Duey.Ai vs HIX.AI: A Comparison

Quality Humanized Content

There’s no denying the myriad of tools that HIX.AI offers. However, even with all the tools, the platform has difficulty offering humanized content that passes the AI detectors and actually sounds human. Duey.AI humanizer tools are designed for college students who want their content to sound natural. 

The humanizer tool creates quality content by doing the following:

  • Varies writer tone and style.
  • Expresses personal emotion.
  • Varies sentence length and structure.
  • Varies readability (Flesch) score.
  • Adds creative punctuation without grammatical mistakes.
  • Provides unique word choices.

College Budget-Friendly Plans

Hix does offer multiple tiers that suit different budgets. However, the platform assumes that it’s catering to business or corporate budgets. This is why some monthly plans run as high as $200/mo. 

The Duey.AI platform and monthly plans are designed with college student budgets in mind. The monthly plan is just $14.99 with a healthy monthly discount of $9.99 if you pay annually. The plan comes with features, such as:

  • Unlimited use
  • Humanize & bypass protection
  • PDF/Doc uploads
  • Custom assignment tutor
  • AI autocomplete
  • Premium support

Credible Academic Sources & Citations

HIX.AI is designed to cater to a wide range of users. So, it’s essentially a generic writer. As such, it pulls from generic sources across the Internet. While it delivers results that may or may not be accurate, it pulls from sources that can be outdated or incorrect.

Duey.AI understands both the user and the audience. The user is a college student looking for academic sources to bring credibility to their writing. The readers are none other than academic peers and professors who judge the work based on its accuracy and information.

When you use Duey.AI to write your next report, article, or paper, the platform draws from academic sources. It provides sources and citations so that you can cross-reference3 the information

Which AI Writer Bypasses the AI Detector Best?

It doesn’t matter how efficient your AI tools are or what features the platform offers. The content it produces must be able to bypass AI detectors

Both HIX.AI and Duey.AI offer multiple tools for humanizing and polishing the content to bypass the AI detectors. But this raises several questions:

  • Do the tools work?
  • Do the tools produce quality content?
  • How efficient are the tools?
  • How much work do you have to do on the front end to get the content to bypass the detectors?

For instance, HIX.AI may offer 120 tools to help you generate and humanize or polish the content. But how many of those tools do you have to buy and use to finally get good results?

Below, we run both HIX.AI and Duey.AI through three well-known AI detectors:

  1. CopyLeaks
  2. GPTZero
  3. Originality.AI

We use the same content we generated above. Let’s compare both AI writing tools to see which one passes the test.

HIX AI Bypass Detection Test


We ran the HIX and Duey content through the CopyLeaks AI Detector. Here are the results:

Hix Results: 100% AI detection

HIX.AI Unable To Pass Copyleaks as Results Depict 100% AI Detection

Duey Results: 100% Human written

Duey.Ai Successfully Bypasses Copyleaks With 0% AI Detection


We ran the HIX and Duey content through the GPTZero AI Detector. Here are the results.

HIX Results: 100% AI detection

HIX.AI Unable To Bypass GPTZero As Results Depict 100% AI Detection

Duey results: 99% human written

Duey.Ai Successfully Bypasses GPTZero with Only 1% AI Detection


We ran the HIX and Duey content through the Originality AI Detector. Here are the results:

HIX results: 100% AI detection:

HIX.AI Unable To Bypass Originality.AI As Results Depict 100% AI Detection

Duey results: 80% original content:

Duey.Ai Manages to Successfully Bypass Originality.AI with Only 20% AI Detection

Our Verdict: Our Final Assessment of HIX.AI

HIX.AI’s popularity is based on the endless templates and tools it provides for users. Many of the tools remove time-consuming and repetitive steps in writing projects. It’s where HIX.AI shines the most. While each service category and plan can limit user access, the prices are still average compared to competitors. Plus, each tool has lots of features that help you fine-tune your content.

However, all the tools in the world can’t overcome poor content quality and the content’s inability to bypass AI detectors. Duey.AI produces better content that is more likely to pass popular AI detectors, such as Copyleaks, GPTZero, and Originality.AI. If you’re a college student and need a reliable AI writing tool, you’re more likely to get quality content from reliable academic sources on Duey.AI’s platform.

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