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Our AI Tutor helps you get your work done faster while protecting your academic integrity.

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Why is Duey the right AI writing assistant for students?

Duey's writing environment helps you research, write, edit, and cite with the support of an AI-assistant trained to save you hours of work.

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Familiar, yet powerful

If you've used Word or Google Docs, you can use Duey. Write, edit, and cite with tools you already know how to use.

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Built-in AI Assistant

Duey learns about your assignment and pre-trains to give you focused support in writing your work.

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Protection from Detection

Duey helps you humanize AI-generated text to avoid accusations of academic dishonesty.

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Support your work

Duey will find sources to support your work and show that you've done the required research.

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Chat with your documents

Provide Duey with your course materials and it will learn them in seconds. Have questions? Ask Duey.

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Cloud based

Need to ask Duey a question about your assignment from class? Duey is just a few taps away on any of your devices.

What does Duey do for you?

Research and write faster while protecting your Academic Integrity.

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Protection from AI Detection

Duey works with you to protect your academic integrity. Worried about your school's use of AI Detectors? Simply click the Protect button and Duey will rewrite your text to avoid AI detection. We always keep your original safe as well, so you can choose.

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10x faster...

Duey works with you to accelerate your writing process from start to submission. Need help generating a thesis? Duey can help. Need to find sources? Duey can do that too. Have questions? Duey has the answers. Use all of Duey's AI tool to get your work done sooner! generate text

Unlimited AI Writing Assistant - Student Pricing

$ 14.99
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AI Detection Protection - Humanize & Bypass AI Detection
AI Generated Words per day
PDF/Docx Uploads
Custom Tutor for every assignment
Sources and Citations
AI Autocomplete
Premium Support
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$ 9.99 USD
/ month
Unlimited Student Use
AI Detection Protection - Humanize & Bypass AI Detection
AI Generated Words per day
PDF/Docx Uploads
Custom Tutor for every assignment
Sources and Citations
AI Autocomplete
Premium Support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for some of the most frequently asked questions about

Is there a free version of

You can use our Undetectable AI to test Duey's capabilities. We do limit it to 5 tries and 500 tokens. If you'd like more capabilities, like generative text, AI detection, and longer text humanizing, you can create an account to get started.

Undetectable AI Content

Does have AI Detection?

Our goal is to help you get all the benefits of using AI to help you create your assignments while protecting you from false accusations of Academic Dishonesty. We have built a leading AI detector to give you an idea for how your work may score against the tools used by you school so that you can protect your work.

Does use ChatGPT/GPT-4?

We use a combination of the leading generative AIs, including GPT-4 (ChatGPT) as well as our own tools built in-house. We constantly look to improve and adopt the best tools in market where they make sense for you, our users.

Can help with citations?

Yes, we've built a great citation tool into Duey that will help you find supportive resources you can use in your work. Just highlight the text you want to cite and click Cite in the toolbar. Duey will do the rest!

How much does cost? costs $9.99/month, paid annually or $14.99/month, paid monthly.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, canceling is easy and you can cancel whenever you want. We doubt you'll want to once you start using Duey, however.

Can I get a refund for a previous payment?

If you signed up and were charged, but you never used the app to create an assignment, we can refund your payment. If you have used Duey to create work, we can cancel any future payments and close your account.

How long will a refund take?

While we process refunds immediately, they usually take 3-5 business days to reflect in your account. Please note, this is not something we can control, but a payment industry standard set by credit card companies, banks, and the payment processors.

Does plagiarize?

We use generative AI to help you write and for Duey to provide feedback. The text generated should be new based on what you've asked for, however there's always a small risk that that text might have been informed by text in the AI's training data. You should always try to make the text your own.

Is multi-lingual?

Duey is currently natively English speaking. We will work to adopt additional languages in the near future.

What does offer students?

Duey has a suite of tools built in to help students create their assignments. Duey acts as a AI Tutor, focused on the subject of your assignment(s). Duey can also help you write your assignment by generating introductions, supportive paragraps, and conclusions. Duey can scan your text to provide an industry leading AI Detection score, and help you protect your assignment by humanizing the text to avoid AI detection.

How does the Duey act like an AI Tutor?

Duey will take all of the information you provide about your assignment and train itself to become an expert on that subject. It can then answer any questions you have about the subject, provide ideas for theses, draft an outline, and even help you write your assignment.

What is is your companion and tutor in creating submissions for your assignments. Duey helps you write and protect your Academic Integrity by helping you avoid accusations of Academic Dishonesty. Duey was created to help students get the benefits of AI when completing their schoolwork, while mitigating the risks.

Can really bypass AI detectors?

Yes! Duey.aI was created as a solution to help students create great assignment submissions with more human-sounding content. We've developed a high powered AI creation tool which can bypass almost every content checker because we believe that using AI to help shouldn't lead to academic consequences. Please be sure to use responsibly and in accordance with any guidelines and/or policies your school may have.

What AI detectors can bypass? can currently bypass the following AI detectors:

  • CopyLeaks
  • TurnItIn
  • CrossPlag

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