Undetectable AI Review is one of the latest AI writing assistants that claims to bypass AI detection tools. Let's see how well it does!

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July 8, 2024 Undetectable AI Review

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the middle of writing, staring at a blank page on your screen and waiting for the right words to magically appear? We’ve all been there! That’s where AI tools like come in and act as your personal writing assistant, or so the creators claim it will do.

That’s why we are reviewing the performance of, how capable it is in generating human-like texts, and most importantly how it compares to stellar tools such as Duey.Ai. Let’s jump right into details and go through out testing phase to show you the real results you are looking for. Text Editor

What Is is advertised as your AI-powered writing assistant that’s designed to take your writing from ordinary to extraordinary. Yes, you can expect it to check your grammar and find synonyms, but we are more interested in its “Humanizing” features. Considering you can choose context, tone, and style for your writing this tool looks promising in delivering results that bypass AI detection. Key Features and Capabilities

  • Natural language processing: At the heart of is its sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) engine. This technology allows the tool to understand the nuances of human language, including idioms, colloquialisms, and conversational tone.
  • Tone and emotion adjustments: One of the most amazing claims is that can adjust the tone and emotion of your text. So if you need to convey excitement, empathy, professionalism, or casual friendliness, can fine-tune your words to match the desired emotional impact.
  • Real-time feedback: As you write, offers real-time feedback on your text, highlighting areas where you can make improvements to sound more natural and human. This immediate feedback loop helps you learn and adapt quickly, improving your writing skills over time.
  • Integration: integrates with popular writing platforms, allowing you to humanize your text without disrupting your workflow. Whether you’re drafting an email, writing a report, or creating content for your blog, you can easily incorporate’s suggestions directly into your work.

Does Work? The Comparison and Results

We want to test and see how it performs compared to Duey.AI in bypassing AI detection tools. To make this section more engaging, relevant, and easy to follow we’ll create a simple AI-generated text first, humanize it, and see what major detectors like Copyleaks, Originality, and GPTZero have to say.

We’ll also compare the results and find out if the tools can bypass the AI detectors.

  • Step 1: We’ll write a simple prompt for ChatGPT and let it generate something interesting;
  • Step 2: Then we’ll take the generated text and run it through and Duey.AI;
  • Step 3: Next, we'll scan the humanized texts through AI detectors and show the results.

Here is the simple prompt we’ll use:

“Write an informative and engaging article on the importance of effective stress management for overall well-being. Discuss the various benefits of managing stress, such as improving mental health, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing the risk of chronic illnesses. Include tips on different stress management techniques, considering factors like mindfulness practices, physical activity, and time management. Additionally, touch on the health risks associated with chronic stress, such as anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular diseases, and how effective stress management can help mitigate these risks. Conclude with practical advice for incorporating stress-relief strategies into daily routines and suggestions for maintaining a balanced lifestyle to ensure long-term well-being. 300 words max.”

Content Generated to be Passed Through Duey.Ai and

For our test run this time, we’re putting and Duey.AI up against three AI detectors: Copyleaks, Originality, and GPTZero

While we can all agree there are many good AI detection tools there is also a reason why we chose these three to test 

  • First up, Copyleaks. It's well-known for its solid performance in spotting plagiarism and identifying AI-generated content. It’s popular in academic circles and digital content creation, though some people argue it’s not the absolute best.
  • Next, we’ve got Originality. This one’s a hit among content creators because of its thoroughness in detecting AI text. It’s detailed and reliable, making it a strong contender in the mix.
  • Lastly, there's GPTZero. This tool is specifically tailored to catch text generated by GPT-based models, like ChatGPT. It’s a focused tool that excels at what it does.

By using these three detectors, we’re covering all bases to see how well and Duey.AI can slip past AI detection while still keeping the content top-notch. It’s all about getting a well-rounded view of their performance.

The Results

Copyleaks Results for

Phrasly Successfully Bypasses Copyleaks

Copyleaks Results for Duey.AI

Duey.Ai Successfully Bypasses Copyleaks

Copyscape Bypass Score for and Duey.AI

As expected for Copyscape, both texts humanized by and Duey.AI are considered 100% written by a real human writer. Even though this is a good start for both tools, we can already notice a difference while reading the text. 

Duey.AI has noticeably better flow and makes fewer grammatical errors which are often present in humanized texts.

Originality Results for Unable to Bypass Originality.AI with a High AI Score of 96%

Originality Results for Duey.AI

Duey.Ai Performs Relatively Better With a 60% AI Detection Score

Originality Bypass Score of and Duey.AI

Phrasly vs. Duey: The Barchar Comparison Depicts That Duey Performed Relatively More Efficiently with a Lower AI Detection Score

When comparing the bypass abilities of the content generated by and Duey.AI, it's clear that Duey.AI has a distinct edge on Originality. Keep in mind that most tools completely fail as their AI detection algorithms are one of the most challenging to bypass.'s content was found to be only 4% original, with a whopping 96% classified as AI-generated. In contrast, Duey.AI produced 40% original content, with 60% being AI-generated. This means that while both tools fail to pass AI detection tests on the Originality platform, Duey.AI manages to create content that feels more authentic and human-like. 

GPTZero Results for

GPTZero Results Depicting 46% AI Detection for

GPTZero Results for Duey.AI

GPTZero Results Depicting 4% AI Detecton for Duey.Ai

GPTZero Bypass Score of and Duey.AI

When looking at the GPTZero results for and Duey.AI, Duey.AI comes out on top.'s content is classified as 54% human and 46% AI-generated, meaning nearly half of its content is flagged as artificial. On the other hand, Duey.AI's content is classified as 96% human and only 4% AI-generated. This shows that Duey.AI does a significantly better job at creating text that feels genuinely human, making it the better option if you need content that can pass as human-written.

Does Bypass AI Detection?

As you can see in our testing phase went through detailed AI detection on major platforms such as Originality, Copyscape, and GPTZero. 

The results and charts are in and they might surprise you:


While Copyleaks is one of the first and possibly most used AI detection tools we noticed that it didn’t flag any parts as AI generated. This means that can mimic that human touch and bypass certain tools on the market.


When it comes to Originality we can see that struggles more and that only 4% of content is considered human and original. This low bypass score suggests that the vast majority of's content is recognized as being produced by AI.

Even if it’s challenging to get a 100% human score and completely bypass Originality’s detection, we have Duey.AI to compare the results and see how much better this tool performs when generating that original and human-written text. 


The performance of with GPTZero is somewhat moderate, with 54% of its content being classified as human and 46% as AI-generated. This indicates that while manages to create a substantial amount of content that passes as human, almost half of its output is still detected as AI.

Let’s take a look at the chart that clearly shows us the results, and what you can expect from

Performance Measure of Against The Top 3 AI Detection Tools

Final Verdict

Overall, shows mixed results in bypassing AI detection tools. 

It performs exceptionally well with Copyleaks, ensuring a 100% human classification, but falls short in originality with only 4% original content. GPTZero gives it a moderate score, with just over half of its content passing as human. While can be useful for passing certain AI detection tests, it may not be the best choice for applications requiring high originality and a more convincing human-like quality in generated content.

It might be a good idea to test out more AI humanizing tools and find out which one gives you the best results.